Shelby Zarobinski

Thank you for visiting the site!  I wanted to introduce myself to folks that haven't met me.  I spent 5 years working for the Budweiser Clydesdales before deciding to purchase the business from Kristen.  After moving home from Budweiser, I took a job and am an operator of an Air Separation Unit by day and decoration maker by night!  I have been involved in the horse industry for many years and showed in the local 4-H group throughout my school career.  As I got older, I started showing at various state fairs and world shows in the region.  Currently our family breeds a couple Clydesdale mares a year and we enjoy showing across the Midwest.  I started this venture with my sister and we wanted to continue to deliver top quality products for the horse industry.  I believe you should always enter the arena, parade, or wedding looking your best and am happy to be able to assist and be a part of that. As the years have passed, Jessica has went to finish college, change careers and raise a beautiful daughter.  With her schedule getting full, she has decided to step back and help occasionally.  I thank her for the time she did help!

Thank you,