We are dedicated to providing the highest quality horse decorations in the business.  We are striving for a 6-8 week turnaround on all items if not sooner.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.   
Payment Policy: Full payment is due at time of ordering.  We prefer cash or check but can accept Paypal and credit cards through Square for a 2.5% surcharge.

***Draft horse mane roll lengths are about 12 foot long for regular length. 
They can be made to about 14 feet for an additional $2.00 a mane roll.***

The best way to get the most use out of your flowers
is to straighten them each time you use them. 
This hand seamer is what we use and recommend. 
We get a small portion of sales if bought through the Amazon link. 

Mane Roll Material
Sequins-Least stretchiest 
Poly- Some Stretch & Very Durable
Metallic Spandex- More Stretch but not as much as spandex- most delicate fabric in terms of care and shows wear faster
Regular Spandex- Most Stretch & Color Selection 

Foil Flowers 2 or 3 Ribbon Bow

Many color and ribbon combinations to create!

All size:  $3.50

Double Foil Flower 2 or 3 Ribbon Bow

Various color combinations to let you stand our from the others!

*1/4" Overlay $0.25 upgrade per flower any color but gold and silver most common*

All sizes:  $4.00


Raffia Flowers 2 or 3  Ribbon Bow

Comes in natural and many various paper raffia colors.

*Painted Raffia in color, glitter, etc. Upgrade $.25 to $.50 per flower*

All sizes: $3.75

Silk Rosebud Flower

Silk Rosebud Flower

Available in 35 different colors!

One Size: $2.50


Diamond Flower

Various color options on the background and edging.

All sizes: $3.50


Specialty Flowers 

Special requests will be considered. Flowers starting at $3.50 each and will be determined by the intricacy of what is asked.


Poly Mane Roll Solid or Two Tone

Poly Knit Mane Roll Solid or Two Tone

Regular: $10.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch Length: $8.00


Sequin Mane Roll Single or Two Tone

Sequin Material Mane Roll Either Single or Two Tone Color

Regular: $12.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch: $10.00


Tulip Style Flower

The classic look minus the bows, simple yet still flashy

All sizes: $3.00

Spandex Mane Roll Single or Two Tone

Comes in various colors shiny or standard finish and certainly holds and moves with the horse as they bob their heads. 

Regular: $12.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch: $10.00


Mane Roll Poly Knit & Sequin 

Half Poly Knit Fabric & Half Sequin Material

Regular: $11.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch: $9.00


Metallic Fabric Mane Roll

Very shiny but not as durable, if fabric sticks to itself could cause imperfections in foil finish. When stretched real tight, will show marks and foil finish will show wear and dull with use..

Regular: $12.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch: $10.00