We are dedicated to providing the highest quality horse decorations in the business.  We are striving for a 6-8 week turnaround on all items if not sooner.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.  We can deliver to the National Clydesdale Sale in Springfield, IL this April.  
Payment Policy: Full payment is due at time of ordering.  We prefer cash or check but can accept Paypal and credit cards through Square for a 2.5% surcharge.
***Draft horse mane roll lengths are about 11 3/4 foot long for regular length. 
They can be made to 14 feet for an additional $2.00 a mane roll.***

Foil Flowers 2/3 Ribbon Bow

Many color and ribbon combinations to create!

All size:  $3.50

Raffia Flowers 2/3  Ribbon Bow

Comes in natural and many various paper raffia colors.

*Painted Raffia in color, glitter, etc. Upgrade $.25 to $.50 per flower*

All sizes: $3.75

Diamond Flower

Various color options on the background and edging.

All sizes: $3.50

Specialty Flowers 

Special requests will be considered. Flowers starting at $3.50 each and will be determined by the intricacy of what is asked.

Poly Mane Roll Solid or Two Tone

Poly Knit Mane Roll Solid or Two Tone

Regular: $10.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch Length: $8.00

Sequin Mane Roll Single or Two Tone

Sequin Material Mane Roll Either Single or Two Tone Color

Regular: $12.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch: $10.00

Double Foil Flower 2/3 Ribbon Bow

Various color combinations to let you stand our from the others!

*1/4" Overlay $0.25 upgrade per flower any color but gold and silver most common*

All sizes:  $4.00

Silk Rosebud Flower

Silk Rosebud Flower

Available in 35 different colors!

One Size: $2.50

Tulip Style Flower

The classic look minus the bows, simple yet still flashy

All sizes: $3.00

Spandex Mane Roll Single or Two Tone

Comes in various colors shiny or standard finish and certainly holds and moves with the horse as they bob their heads. 

Regular: $12.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch: $10.00

Mane Roll Poly Knit & Sequin 

Half Poly Knit Fabric & Half Sequin Material

Regular: $11.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch: $9.00

Metallic Fabric Mane Roll

Very shiny but not as durable, if fabric sticks to itself could cause imperfections.

Regular: $12.00

Foal/Draft Pony/Hitch: $10.00